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March 2021




The Stoner Connection
Police Equipment & Supplies
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Belt Badge holder deluxe with swivel Velcro - $21.95
Round or Oval design choice of cutout or no cutout for  badges. Velcro is a thicker version but it makes it easier to take the badge in and out.

Belt Badge Holder Plain - $19.95
Round or Oval design choice and choice of cutout or no cutout for the badges. Thinner lighter version.

Belt Badge Holder Choice
Badge cutouts/style




Badge and ID Holder for Neck Leather - $26.95
Identification card on one side, badge on the other side with 24" stainless neck chain

Badge and Id Holder Deluxe for Item Neck, Pocket or Belt - $32.95
Same as above item except this has split leather which can be worn in the pocket, around the neck or on the belt with 24" stainless neck chain

Badge Holder Economy $19.95
For wearing badge around neck, no cutout available in Oval or round style.

Neck badge holder w/ID
Custom note / question
Identification card holder*  Leather Item #1405 / 5982 $19.95
A double sided identification card holder on two sides